aFTP Users Guide

Connect to server

After selecting item 'Hotlist' in menu 'File' you can see dialog, where you can enter name of ftp server or in form number address (ie. or hostname (ie. and than select or anonymous login to server or after its check enter user name and password for this server. There is possibility select directory in dialog, in which the client tries change immediatly after connect to server. After press button 'Connect', the client tries connect to entered server and when he is successfull, it means he found it and connected it, he tries for loggin. If the loggin isn't right, the program tries it itself again (you can set number of tries).

After loggin the list of directory, in which you are now (home directory on the far server), copies; than the window with files and directories opens.

Of course, you can use Hotlist for connect, there you can save up to 25 most often visiting servers, including way of loggin and startup directory. Later you can use items saved in Hotlist for quicker connect by select item right in submenu after select item 'Connect to' in menu 'Server'.

Command line and VA_START

If you start the program with parametr or you send by VA_START string in form 'ftp://ftp_server/dir/', the program connects to ftp server, loggins as anonymous user, change to setting directory and the window with the list of files in opens, or if it is in form 'ftp://ftp_server/dir/file_name', it connects to ftp server, loggin as anonymous user, gets file file_name to directory set in config dialog, disconnects from ftp_server and finishes.
Template for starting parametr:
ftp://[login_name:login_password]host_name[:port][/login_dir/[file_name]] You can easily use groups in the Thing/TaskBar as a hotlist!

File download

Now you can by doubleclick move on the far computer and by doubleclick on files you can watch them on your computer - it's the same as you use doubleclick in desktop. If you want the file get to you in any directory on your local disk, mark one or more files on the far server (by rubber or by click on items) and simply use drag&drop to icon of disk or directory. (Files are moved if 'Control' key is pressed).

File delete

Same as above, but you drag file(s) to trash or you can select in menu item Commands -> Delete.

Send file to server

Take icon(s) from desktop and drag it on aFTP's window with listing of actual directory on server. (Files are moved if 'Control' key is pressed).

Renaming files

All selected files/dirs will be renamed by selecting menuitem Commands -> Rename to.


If you connect on server and open window with list of files, you can use function in menu edit. Or select or deselect all files in list - then you can use usually way for getting selected files or you can copy list to CLIPBOARD. If no file is selected, the list of all files copies. The list is an exact copy of list in window (sort; show lenght, date, ...). If you during click of mouse or hotkey to copy to clipboard hold shift key, the list is appended to actualy clipboard, in any case is clipboard overwriten.

Setting environment

aFTP supports FONT protocol: you can use the nearest font selector on the window aFTP listing. The Thing is very successfull, because its internal font selector works very good. We recommend use proportional fonts. If you select item in menu, the program finds env. variable FONTSELECT or xFSL and calls font selector. In both cases you can set type, size and color of font ! Program saves setting(aftp.cfg) and Hotlist(ahotlist.ftp) to $HOME directory or to aFTP's directory. In item 'PATHS' are setted filename of log file, where are stored all commands sended to server and all responses recieved from server. You can here enable caching and select path for cache dir and TEMP/DL path.

Remark: You can drag files or dirs from desktop directly to editable fields with filenames or paths. You can also call fileselector by doubleclick on editable field and select file/path or edit fields manually.

Known bugs and limitations

This is test release and every program have some bugs, then we presents some of them here ;-)

  • unsolved TIMEOUTs
  • transfer abort doesn't work with some ftp servers
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